When Public Power Fails You, Your Rental Generators Will Not

Homes and businesses’ power is routinely affected by storms and other public utility break downs. Whether those outages are for hours or days, most business can’t afford a minute of disrupted operations much less hours or days. You can’t anticipate unannounced commercial sector power failure but you can be prepared.  Prime Power Rentals exists to ensure that your business never shuts down due to commercial power company utility failure.  Rental power generators more often than not pay for themselves in terms of empowering the business to continue operating when the less prepared competition shuts down.

Last year snowstorms and north eastern windstorms caused record-breaking power outages affecting hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. Nearly 3 million homes and businesses across the Northeast lost power.  Municipal power companies were not prepared as evidenced by the extended timeframes of the outages.  

Rental commercial generators will provide you instant economic return when power goes out as well as the simple piece of mind that you and your employees will always work at peak efficiency when power contingency strikes.

Contact Prime Power Rentals to create your emergency power plan.

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