Load Bank Testing

What Is A Load Bank?

A load bank is a crucial device for companies across a wide swath of industries, with load bank testing serving as an invaluable tool for assessing primary and secondary power sources and ensuring a smooth continuation of production in the…

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A New Member To The Fleet

Prime Power Rentals adds another utility body truck to the fleet. Our service trucks carry everything we need to help during your next power outage. They are fully stocked with cables, connectors, safety gear, and tools. Call us anytime 24/7…

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New Transformers

We’re excited to announce ADDITIONAL OFFERINGS to our fleet!! Prime Power Rentals now owns 2 BRAND NEW Utility-Grade 2500kva transformers. These new transformers are multi-tapped and provide voltages ranging from 2400V – 34.5KV. This industry-leading equipment is packaged with all low and medium-voltage…

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Planned Backup Power

Trying to schedule a transformer replacement or performing system upgrades, but need to minimize outage duration? Whatever the application, Prime Power Rentals can provide the tools you need to help minimize customer downtime.

We offer generator rentals from 20kW – 2MW and transformers with accompanying medium voltage cables ranging from 1000kVA to 2500kVA in voltages from 4.16kV to 34.5kV. Let us help you in reaching your goal of minimizing CAIDI (Customer Average Interruption Duration Index).

Emergency Backup Power

Middle of the night downed pole due to a vehicle accident? Pad mount transformer failure serving an assisted living center? Emergency power interruptions happen every day due to a number of reasons ranging from inclement weather to an aging infrastructure. 

 We at Prime Power Rentals understand that the electric utilities top priorities are the safety of their employees, the safety of the public & restoring power to their customers. We offer generators ranging from 20kW – 2MW & utility grade primary voltage transformers that can be deployed 24/7/365. Our highly trained & safety driven staff are ready to respond no matter what the situation is. Let us help you in obtaining your goals.