The High Cost of No Contingency Power Plan

A company without a power management and contingency plan will suffer a degree of loss with most suffering tremendous losses when extended or consistent power interruptions occur. Here are unforeseen expenses stemming from utility power failures and how to counter these situations:

  • Equipment Damages – The current surge that occurs when power is restored can result to critical equipment damages. Expenses for repairs can be costly.
  • Product Damages – Cooling systems are hampered when power outages are prolonged. Products may expire before their shelf life due to uncontrolled environmental condition.
  • Security Breach in The Facility – Theft issues are possible to arise when lights and security system are down.
  • Company Reputation is On The Line – Sudden cease in production, operations and business dealings can dismay clientele. Expect negative feedback when you can’t meet the scheduled time of delivery.
  • Staff productivity cost – Staff on the clock but unable to produce become sunk costs that you do not recover.

To protect your investments from these unseemly scenarios, come up with a contingency measure for your business. Make rental generators as your top contingency essential to ensure your business stay up and running despite unexpected power outages.

Contact Prime Power Rentals to help you create temporary power resolutions and mitigate impact to your business during grid failures.

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