Backup Portable Generators Save Boston Business Millions

There’s no telling exactly when utility power failure will occur, but one thing is certain, it will. Sometimes, national grid releases power interruption advisory when planned shutdowns are necessary. But in most cases, power just suddenly goes off due to different factors that are beyond control. When businesses fail to contingency plan for power outages, major issues await.

Although large and medium-sized businesses are typically equipped with standby generators, there’s a high probability that their emergency power systems are only capable to address short-term outages. But when outage prolongs for an extended time, the same system generally fail to keep up. Small business on the other hand typically run their business at risk with no contingency power plan at all. This is where you can appreciate the beauty of rental backup portable generators.

Prime Power Rentals is a recognized leader in rental towable and containerized generator services. We stock equipment in a wide variety of sizes and capacities. We cater to any/all Boston business industries to include (but not limited to) construction, data centers, hospitals, factories, commercial and public service events. Since power blackouts are unpredictable across the entire Boston power grid, contingency power management is vital to Boston business across the board.

Our team can support your organization by backing up your standby generator so your operations remain steady and undeterred even when power cuts. Contact Prime Power Rental today!

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