800kW Generator Rental (994kVA)

Prime Power Rentals 800kW generator rental (994kVA) provides reliable power to meet the most demanding requirements. They are designed and built to withstand tough environments at construction sites and provide dependable temporary power at entertainment venues, construction sites, and disaster recovery operations. And to safeguard the environment, the 800kW generator features an integrated 24-hour fuel tank with a fluid containment system. 

 The 800kW / 994kVA diesel generator offers a prime rating of 725kW (three-phase) and a standby rating of 795kW (three-phase).  Output voltages of Three-Phase (120/208V, 277/480V) are available.  An electronic governor maintains frequency to ± 0.25% from no load to full load. It features an auto start stop that allows the generator to start from a remote location. The unit features a powder-coated, weatherproof steel housing that allows a substantially low operating noise level of 70 dB(A). A comprehensive digital control panel provides instrumentation including an AC ammeter, AC voltmeter, frequency meter, AC circuit breaker, engine gauges, and much more.  Unit is available with utility-grade switchgear and can be capable of being paralleled with other like generators or the power grid to offer base load & peak shaving capabilities. 

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Generator Spec Sheet

800kW Generator Rental (994kVA) Features 

  • EPA certified heavy duty diesel engine Heavy duty air cleaner with pre-cleaner and service indicator  
  • 65-Amp charging alternator  
  • Fuel filters – Duplex primary with integral water separator and change-over valve, engine mounted secondary filter Fuel cooler and electric priming pump  
  • Lubricating oil system including pump, integral oil cooler, lube oil, filter, filtered crankcase breather system and oil drain line with internal valve routed to connection point accessible from exterior  
  • 500 hour oil change intervals  
  • Jacket water heater (6kW)  
  • Three-phase, brushless, salient pole, 0.6667 pitch, permanent magnet excited, Class H insulation  
  • Anti-condensation heaters (120V, 600V)  
  • 12-lead design, with voltage changeover link board  
  • Digital Voltage Regulator (DVR) with VAR/PF control 
  • 30′ ISO high cube container  
  • 2-axle, 30′ ISO container chassis Sound attenuated air intake louvers and 3 lockable personnel doors with panic release  
  • Interior walls and ceilings insulated with 100 mm of acoustic paneling  
  • Floor of container insulated with acoustic glass and covered with galvanized steel  
  • Sound attenuated 74 dB(A) @ 7m  
  • Side bus bar access door, external access load connection bus bars  
  • Shore power connection via distribution block connections for jacket water heater, battery charger, and generator condensate heaters  
  • Lighting 3 DC, one single duplex service receptacle, 2 external emergency stop push buttons  
  • 1,250 gal fuel tank, UL listed, double wall, 24 hr runtime @ 75% prime +10% rating (ULC + CGSB43-146)  
  • External lockable connections for fuel  
  • Spill containment 110% of all engine fluids  
  • Fuel transfer system and controls  
  • Two oversized maintenance-free batteries, battery rack and 20-Amp battery charger, and solar powered battery maintainer  
  • Hospital grade, internally insulated, disc shaped exhaust silencer with vertical discharge  
  • Vibration isolators, corrosion resistant hardware and hinges  
  • External drain access to standard fluids  
  • Two 4.5 kg (10lb) carbon dioxide fire extinguishers  
  • Standard cooling provides 43° C ambient capability at prime +10% rating  
  • Vertically mounted radiator, with vertical air discharge from the container  
  • Coolant drain line with internal valve  
  • Coolant sight gauge, level switch and shutdown 50/50 Ethylene Extended Life Glycol 
  • Automatic start/stop with cool down timer  
  • Generator Protection features: 32, 46, 50/51, 27/59, 81 O/U, and phase sequence  
  • Utility multi-function relay (UMR) protection features: 25, 27/59, 32, 47, 40Z, 51, 51N, 60FL, 81O, 81U (Optional) 
  • 3000A electrically operated generator circuit breaker  
  • Multi-mode operation (island, multi-unit island and utility parallel (requires optional UMR))  
  • Manual and automatic paralleling capability, with load sharing (multi-unit only)  
  • Metering display: voltage, current, frequency, power factor, kW, WHMkVAR, and synchroscope 
  • 30’ ISO high cube container designed to meet CSC but not certified  
  • Sound attenuated air intake louvers  
  • Floor insulated with acoustic glass and covered by galvanized steel  
  • Three lockable personnel doors with panic release  
  • Two fire extinguishers  
  • External drain access to standard fluids 
  • Hospital grade, internally insulated, disc shaped exhaust silencer with vertical discharge 
  • UL Listed 1250 gallon double walled tank provides 24 hr runtime at 75% prime +10% rating (ULC + TC (CGSB43-146))  
  • AC Fuel transfer system connected to shore and generator power with automatic switchover 
  • Two shore power connections for jacket water heaters and fuel transfer pump  
  • One for generator space heater and battery charger 
  • 24 VDC/20A battery charger with float/equalize modes and charging ammeter  
  • Two oversized maintenance free batteries  
  • Solar power battery maintainer 
  • Two axle with Anti-lock brake system  
  • Air suspension chassis (optional) 
  • Provides 120 VAC for all module accessories  
  • Includes controls to de-energize jacket water heaters and generator space heater when the engine is running 
  • Optional Basler Utility Multi-function Relay (UMR) BE1-11i provides the following utility/intertie protection features: – Synch Check (Device 25) – Phase under voltage, 2 stage (Device 27) – Reverse Power (Device 32) – Negative sequence overvoltage (Device 47) – Phase time overcurrent (Device 51) – Neutral overcurrent (Device 51N) – Phase overvoltage, 2 stage (Device 59) – Under frequency, 2 stage (Device 81U) – Over frequency (Device 81O) – Loss of field (Device 402) 
  • Provides for single unit stand-alone operation, island mode paralleling and load sharing with other power modules, and single unit-to-utility mode paralleling for base load control (with open transition between paralleling modes)  
  • Island mode paralleling features: – Lead unit select control allows single unit to connect to a dead bus or HWDBA Hard Wired Dead Bus Arbitration to allow first unit up to voltage and speed to be first unit to connect to a dead bus – Auto synchronization (voltage & phase matching) – Load sharing (kW) analog signal (like units & legacy compatible) – Load sharing (kVAR) analog signal (like units only)  
  • Utility mode paralleling features: – Auto synchronization (voltage & phase matching) – Base-load control (programmable set-point or potentiometer adjust) – Soft load/unload (programmable, shared set-point) – Power Factor control (programmable set-point) 

Planned Backup Power

Trying to schedule a transformer replacement or performing system upgrades, but need to minimize outage duration? Whatever the application, Prime Power Rentals can provide the tools you need to help minimize customer downtime.

We offer generator rentals from 20kW – 2MW and transformers with accompanying medium voltage cables ranging from 1000kVA to 2500kVA in voltages from 4.16kV to 34.5kV. Let us help you in reaching your goal of minimizing CAIDI (Customer Average Interruption Duration Index).

Emergency Backup Power

Middle of the night downed pole due to a vehicle accident? Pad mount transformer failure serving an assisted living center? Emergency power interruptions happen every day due to a number of reasons ranging from inclement weather to an aging infrastructure. 

 We at Prime Power Rentals understand that the electric utilities top priorities are the safety of their employees, the safety of the public & restoring power to their customers. We offer generators ranging from 20kW – 2MW & utility grade primary voltage transformers that can be deployed 24/7/365. Our highly trained & safety driven staff are ready to respond no matter what the situation is. Let us help you in obtaining your goals.