Protect Your Business From Unexpected Power Outages

During recent extreme weather events, businesses across New England suffered prolonged business downtime as a result of prolonged power outages. Smart business had mobile power generators in their business continuity of operations emergency plans. When a storm is looming, the rental industry are already fully-booked, days before the storm hits land. Take action to prepare your business for the next power emergency.

Businesses were shut down and left in the dark for days and weeks after some of the recent storms. Many facilities also found out that their on-site permanent generators only served limited purposes and fell far short of the power necessary to run the entirety of essential operational systems. By working with Prime Power Rentals‘ technicians, we can properly size a generator that is capable of powering the whole facility.

To meet our customer needs, Prime Power Rentals has developed a Power Contingency Program that allows us to keep emergency generators dedicated to your company and in ready mode in the event that you lose power. This contingency program ensures your facility will remain on-line and in business.

If your manufacturing process, IT systems, Data Centers, phones, HVAC systems or security systems are crucial to your business you should consider a Power Contingency Plan whole year round. Contact Prime Power Rentals to learn more about power generator rentals for facility management.

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