Hurricane Season Power Contingency Plan

Hurricanes season is still active and introduce risk to you and your business. The risk runs through November. For this reason, it’s imperative for companies of all scale to safeguard their operations and assets by developing a power contingency plan. It pays when a business has systematic recovery plans for all contingency threats.

Power outage is a common matter whenever there’s a weather disturbance. Both the residential and commercial sector will suffer from a widespread power interruption. But certain companies with critical operations are unable to bear with long-standing and prevalent blackout. Not only does it introduce a negative impact on equipment but it impacts every single aspect of business operations. The key to business continuity is to equip your company with a backup power source in the form of a mobile generator.

Since the acquisition of standby generators constitutes a heavy capital investment, most turn to rental mobile generators. Mobile generators for rent will save a business from impending catastrophe. You may use it to power up an entire facility for days so you can continue with your normal activity.

Back-up mobile generators must be part of your contingency plan for hurricane season. If you need to secure one ahead of time or before a forecasted hurricane will strike your area, contact Prime Power Rentals. We carry a vast array of towable generator rentals and containerized generator rentals ready to support your business in times of power crisis.

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