Contingency Power Services For Data Centers

One of the specialized commercial service offerings here at Prime Power Rental is to supply uninterrupted power solutions to businesses. Datacenter managers in particular demand stable and continuous flow of electricity. Commercial power suppliers do not possess the technology to guarantee steady and uninterrupted power, therefore data center managers must enact some form of internal or contracted uninterrupted power solution. Commercial power surges and power disruption will take down data center operations and often times damage or destroy costly computing systems. Enter Prime Power Rental as your source to ensure such outages never tax your business’ operation and reputation.

Contingency planning in data centers is vital. We partner with your company to formulate an effective crisis-resolution plan suitable for your current setup. We maintain high quality towable and containerized rental generators that power small-scale to the largest data centers. Our power solutions will not only keep your computer systems running uninterrupted but we can also power your entire business operation to include lighting and HVAC systems.

We can help you manage your facility during power contingencies. Our promise is to deliver our rental generators on your site within one hour of the initial call. Contact Prime Power Rental and let’s prepare your facility for worst-case scenarios.

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