Business Continuity of Operations Essential: Mobile Generators

Consider the cost to you and your business during prolonged power outages and then make a plan to eliminate that cost. Winter storms are around the corner with their usual threat for public power outages. Racing to Lowe’s or Home Depot for emergency generators while your business sits idle is not the way to go given the fact that, 1) those stores may not stock items with sufficient emergency power generation to sustain your business operations or 2) they could be sold out entirely by the time you get there. It makes perfect sense to conduct your emergency power requirements analysis now and source your rental mobile generator(s) now so that you will be ready. And as you likely are aware, renting emergency power solutions is less capital intensive than owning.

We know that you are aware that it’s not just potential lost revenue at stake, but also the safety of staff and customers within your powerless environment. Renting mobile generators as part of your contingency operations plan or as a solution to a sudden emergency makes good sense. If you don’t have emergency power capability, seek out the rental power solutions at Prime Power Rentals. We carry a variety of models in an assortment of capacities. We certainly can and will be happy to help you establish your contingency power management plan. Contact Us!

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