Be Prepared for Summer Power Outages

We have such unpredictable weather here in New England. Storms suddenly develop and replace the sunny sky with a threatening dark clouds. And the next thing you know, heavy rain and strong wind uproot that one tree that takes down your business’s power and ability to operate. It is important to be prepared for severe storms.

Emergency mobile generators will keep the lights on and your business humming without interruption. Don’t get caught off guard without a back-up generator plan. If you lose power, our fleet of towable generators and containerized generators can be deployed at your facility on moment’s notice. Develop a contingency plan with us, and its a guarantee that a reliable generator equipment will be delivered to your location. Let us know your needs and we will develop the plan of measures appropriate for your facility. Our plans specifically cater to hospitals, data centers, pharmaceuticals, schools, hotels etc.

Call Prime Power Rentals and we can help you with your power contingency planning. With our help, you are on top of your facility management and prepared for the worst.

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